Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Screencode – Offline File Transfer

Screencode – Offline File Transfer

The Screencode app lets you privately share files and text through your screen with nearby friends, without any connectivity. The receiver launches the Screencode scanner to read and extract the content being sent. Very simple to use!

A Screencode is similar to a barcode or qr code, but contains much more information and can be used to transfer data between devices without any carrier, mobile network, wifi, bluetooth, nfc or similar.

• Offline file transfer
• Instant sharing and no setup
• All file types and texts
• Extremely secure
• Anonymous, local and traceless
• Fun and game like way of transferring data
• Training will increase transfer speeds

Note that sharing files as Screencode results in relatively slow transfer speeds. Smaller files and documents are usually very quick. Photos will after some training be transferred in less than a minute. Plain text is almost instant. But if you need to transfer larger files, you probably need another solution - or lots of patience. :)

Simply share any file or text from your favorite app and select "Screencode" in the share sheet to start. Nothing else required.
Then launch the Screencode app on the receiver device to start the scanner and try to fit the sending screen within the aiming guide. That's pretty much it.
You can find more information on how to send and receive text and files in the built in user guide.
Oh, don't forget to train - to reach higher transfer speeds!

Good luck!

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