Friday, April 24, 2020

A Beautiful Young Woman , Yu

A Beautiful Young Woman , Yu

Yoo, a beautiful young woman who had fallen in love with her, has suffered the horrors of a brutal past.

He is now living as an assassin and one day becoming involved with an influential underground man who is assigned to him. He followed his target, who was still in love with his youngest
After encountering a teenage boy who recalls, he couldn't get over it
I got into the trilogy.

It's a great crime movie, the Thiriller, a superbly crafted movie called the Pink Film of the 1980s.
It is not as bad as the classic actress' costume, but it is not as bad. This is just over 18 years old, as suggested by Drew Side Production
File size… (800 MB)
Quality… Blu-Ray Rip 720p
Format… mp4
Duration… .01: 15: 00
Subtitle… .Myanmar Subtitle (Hardsub)
Encoder… .RGB >> Translated by ALS


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