Monday, January 13, 2020

The girl was so beautiful that she was prevented from going out of the house

The girl was so beautiful that she was prevented from going out of the house

When a journalist asked a famous beauty blogger what the beauty was, the blogger said, "Beauty is really about beauty." Yes it is. A person is only attracted to his passion, They are considered ugly.

How good is a person? No matter how beautiful it is, there is a difference between the beauty of the person and the person who is different. Here is a list of these beauty tips. A family was so beautiful that their daughter did not leave the house.

Russian Angelica Kenova, a 26-year-old woman, says she never leaves home because she is considered one of the world's most beautiful in the eyes of her parents. Whenever he goes out, he has to go with his mother. But Kenova is a professional model.

Media reports say that she looks like a living baby doll and that her figure is beautiful. Kenova is a resident of Moscow. According to her, her parents did not burn her like a princess. The fire didn't burn.

Kenova said, "I was treated like a princess. I never went out. I never met boys. I didn't have the experience of grown-ups. So I didn't go out as a normal human being.

As a model, though, parents are only provided with working hours and what to eat. Kenova denies the media accuses the media of making the body look like a real doll.

Kenova said: She had not undergone any surgery to get her skin. However, the exercises are usually done five days a week, which is usually done on a regular basis. It is said that each exercise takes about three hours. She said, "Never before has a plastic agent been done. A collar is just needed when something is wrong on the face. I don't need one."

She says she has been wearing the Baba dolls since she was a child. She said, "Since I was six years old, my mother has bought me only clothes that don't fit in." She says she is happy with the life of a living doll while giving her parents peace of mind.

She did not allow her mother to buy clothes, nor did she allow them. They don't buy anything you want. Only the mother had to know what to wear for the day. Now, with her unique beauty, Kenova is not only in fashion but also in fashion. He is now a popular figure on social networks.

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