Sunday, January 12, 2020

FBD2 PRO Full Vresion

FBD2 PRO Full Vresion

FBD can open Facebook and other websites in Desktop mode. The app is designed to give you a butter smooth user interface hence It gives you full control over Desktop and Mobile versions and switching the app to full screen is just a tap away.

WideFide wishes you a very happy diwali and new year

Enjoy Ad-free flawless browsing.

Please download FBD 2 before purchasing FBD2 Pro. If you like that, you'll certainly love the pro version.

Browse your favourite social networking website Facebook on android the way you surf on desktop. This app lets you do everything you do on desktop (depends on your Android device). The app is web browser optimised which lets you browse Facebook desktop site in one click and lets you browse other websites in Desktop too.

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