Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Speak Who Is Calling Ringtone

Speak Who Is Calling Ringtone

DOWNLOAD APK (4.6 MB) Speaks caller name when your phone is ringing, can also say sms sender name or even read aloud a whole incoming sms text message if you wish. You can configure it easily to announce calls and messages only at a given location or time of day.

- Speaking caller name, id or number on incoming call, with different voices
- Announcing sms sender name or number, when text message is received
- Reading out loud sms text message contents if desired
- Auto mute when you are not in a selected location or time of day
- It is possible to set your preferred voice tone, speech rate and language
- Compose your own announcement ringtones by adding your text before and after caller or sms sender name
- Low battery consumption and quick reaction time distinguish it from similar apps
- Works online and offline without additional equipment
- Displays active or muted status in the notification bar, does not hide from the user
- Supports external tts engine for perfect pronunciation, clean and beautiful voices
- Not speaking when the phone is in silent or not disturb mode
- Completely free

Unlike similar apps it is not hiding from the user, it shows clear notification when it is running in the background so it is obvious when the application is working and it is easy to turn it off. It displays current activation status too, so you always know if it is muted or will read out loud in an event of incoming call or chat.

Check out who is calling or texting handsfree, without even taking your phone from out of the pocket. The phone will simply say it to you. Do not need to look at the screen when you are busy, cooking, learning, gaming, knitting, watching movies, cleaning, practicing, driving a car, sitting on a toilet, taking care of the baby. Boosts your performance, whatever you do. It is perfect for every busy or lazy person, driver, young mom, handyman, worker. It is a great app for people with vision problems.

Do not worry that the phone speaking start to be annoying or embarrassing. Fantastic smart auto mute feature lets you easily configure when you want to have application reading aloud or when the announcement should be automatically muted. You can set it to be speaking only when you are at a given location based on gps or wifi networks in range, or only at specific time of day, like in the evening, after work or school classes.

You can easily compose your own ringtone by adding text which will be read before and text read after the caller name. Same for sms, you can easily merge sms sender name with your own text having different text message ringtone. You decide about the voice tone and speech rate too. Create the best talking ringtone by yourself.

This applications requires text to speech engine, most of android phones have it preinstalled, if your device is does not have it, it is not a problem, just install text to speech from the play store, it is free. Using professional tts engine gives us possibility to support almost every language in the world, including popular ones like english, spanish, italian, french, japanese, korean, hindi, german, polish as well as not such common like thai, cantonese, mandarin, finish, indonesian.  GooglePlay

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