Sunday, November 17, 2019

DOWNLOAD APK (5.0 MB) Welcome to DatPyar!

Listen to free Burmese audio stories on DatPyar.

 The categories are: Audience: Story Comedy love, It also includes adventure stories and fantasy stories. New ones will always be included. Download now and listen for free.

DatPyar – a free app for listening to Burmese audio stories

DatPyar is one of the rarest old-school Burmese dramas. Stories; Children’s stories and sermons; It is a free app that allows you to listen to a wide range of audio content, such as music, music, and music. If you are bored alone, It is possible to listen to music while traveling. When the internet connection is bad, you can still download offline.

We are also introducing new ones every day.

The advantages are:

Audio Only is a very low cost Internet connection (audio can be listened to without having to spend a lot of data on YouTube and Facebook).
Listening to a video on Facebook and YouTube is 90% less cost effective than streaming video)

It contains many of the rarest sounds of classical artists.

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