Wednesday, October 30, 2019

"Specially kind: special police mission"

"Specially kind: special police mission"

Action war "Specially kind: special police mission" - arrogant kidnappers provoke special police, vigilant war will be staged | Full Movie|奇凌/魏冠男/洪芳/闻博

Director: Hao Hao
Screenwriter: Falcon / Zhang Tao / Wei Guannan
Starring: Qi Ling / Wei Guannan / Hong Fang / Wen Bo / Liu Siying
Type: Action / War / Crime

Synopsis: The film tells the threat of the attack of the world's notorious terrorist organization SK. The police special police elite "blood wolf commando" was on the verge of death, and the Thunder attacked and launched a wonderful and fierce battle with the criminals, and finally shattered the villains. Heavy conspiracy, with the loyalty of blood and iron to defend the peace of the motherland and the people, showing the heroic nature of the public security special police swear to defend the country.

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