Glasses-free cornea

age (over 30), clear eyes.

Blur to see a doctor because I had reading glasses power (+150) degrees.

Now, age (over 40) Glasses-free pool of strange to think so.

According to the proportion of B & easy to figure.

B &

(1) Distributor remove seeds and finely crushed fruit to sun-dried powder.

(2) grinding the right shade of leaves picked automatically grant naturally dried and powdered.

(3) betel leaf to allow the dried powder.

Pure honey (4)

(4) is required.

Modern glasses inch current value of forty and fifty merchants.

Again, it is very disappointing blind glasses everywhere. I want to see anything if you forget to include glasses, Read Slide cover glasses are difficult to end. No power
. And not only that power may not be lost is to be broken up again.

Head three  us, then

gooseberry powder tea spoon 1 tablespoon

powdered glass grinding leaves tea spoon 1 tablespoon

powdered dried betel leaf tea spoon 1 tablespoon

of the three tea spoons of honey mixed with 3 tablespoons ground..

By losing only three regular beliefs

eye will be sure to come and empty glasses.

And not only will result in meticulously incorporated will be satisfied. He has been given.

Traditional Practice Let's give high energy.
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