Con is a global social system into widespread use around the world.
Air Conditioning manufacturing and publishing companies worldwide My day became more of living systems to more users start flashing.

No Air Conditioning in the use of health and harmony - health standpoint, think he will need to submit to the mother of the Air Conditioning and miss out on the link between health.

Usually where the air can not enter the bedroom, Like the hot air fan, Currency of the House, if possible, usually installed in the bedroom Air Conditioning.

Others often see what Air Conditioning luxury. Air Con and slept spend strict good morning heavy with sweat and viscous blood cold permeate. Cold night more than 12 hours and temperatures of the viscous blood  not healthy anymore.

No longer send a cold sweat, not too hot. Closed without power  power. According to Western medicine can not understand completely. Turn off power available in Japan. Less heat body of academic research to a drop in the body's immune disease.

Heat resistance for each 1 ° C reduction has fallen more than 30% discount to be known to sprinkle stroke. Diabetes liver oil to cover the potential to save getting up troops to help. I would send troops.
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