Apple's loyal Mac computer virus-free and able to penetrate the high-security technology users' belief that they believe the iPhone hacker crackdown on a string.

Apple's Mac computers can remotely control disturbances iPhone charging cable Lightning cable hacker released a kind of coming to the market soon.

One of his name, 'MG' hacking the charging cables to sell for $ 200 and the famed Las Beer Gas Conference that hackers were introduced at the meeting.

O.MG called charging cable for Apple iPhone and charger designed exactly alike. But when the difference is this line in Mac computer hackers to disrupt computer controlled wirelessly from a distance of 300 feet will be able to penetrate.

"This line from sitting on any Mac computer, can be remotely controlled," said MG.

According to Tech Crunch on this line when hackers were also asked to appear on the pages you want the computer to turn off the computer screen, To force the owner of the computer can login, what forced labor.

This control technology introduced with Apple's computers, but any USB link cable to install this technology immediately disclose say.
USB string to add this technology to take about 4 hours MG other hackers as a part-time project for hiring to add USB cables Technology.

The cable to unplug the computer, hackers can remotely control also did not say how.

Have been working his hobby as well as dealing with cyber security organizations who enter non-traditional as this fact when I told them that I want to make it.

"Many people use Flash drive computer is not reliable at the moment do not already know, The charging cable is able to hold from Hutchison Park, however, nobody thought not, "he said.
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