Comedy clown Mann wanted to be the court's desire that will be filled soon. See eye suffering kidney Mann took power in the court's eyes Singapore Surgeon surgery will said. Two suffering from kidney pain Eye see a comedy starring comedian Mann want to see the two eyes of the court's most wanted to be his desire to Thompson Ward said in an interview. Go see this interview Singapore Surgeon Mann to help the court in the court was Mann's wife said.

"One of Mann's eye surgeon court appeared to be voluntary. The doctor and the police and make investments. Helping to contact the police. Lets you keep. Singapore to help the doctor. Tomorrow. Check the situation, if there are clouds in the eye yesterday. Vascular future. The clouds are unable to remove the blood return to the ring is fully visible, "he said.

The comedian was suffering kidney Mann years old. Weak lungs, oxygen is always profit kidney clinic once every two days, began to come forward. Once kidney has 1 million cost, he said. Now, nearly 300 times.
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