Next match than the domestic players in the Muay Thai boxing champion is thinking of killing and Canadian players demolish Kiev.

MANDALAY  Sri Lon Lon Sports theaters held on August 2, WLC-9 in the boxing tournament of the dozens of American citizenship, the former UFC fiber Key said after the win.

'' Burma's people from out of the boxing techniques. Because Tutu, The value of the flow. I wanted to wish you want the Thai champion. Or do we want someone in the UFC. I'll hook WLC I think I offered her country, '' said Kiev.

Myanmar sport of Thailand's Muay Thai boxing sport is more than ancient sport Muay Thai Burmese boxing is better than traditional software.

WLC-9, which was a combination of major shifts cruiser  world championship boxing match Canadian players demolish Kiev, dozens of former UFC fiber able to ski along the goal advantage and won in a second round.

In the first round, to demolish dozens of Kiev fist ski doldrums. Second up dozens ski attack demolish Kiev played face-to-face with an elbow, Dozens left fist into the key No. of winning three times with water.

Dozens of competitors ski the power to arrange a better player than playing to win work demolish Kiev.
Photo: WLC

'' Dozens of keys is more than 10 kg. Improved power. The first round fist. Alan scheduled game, so it does not remotely I was almost close to a go. This work was won in her country, '' said Kiev.

WLC - 9 Smith Darren weight champion  protect the current champion of Poland in a match the Maldives, Ukraine Sasha  advantages transferring won championship belts.

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