Was once a rival actress without Burma occupied the fans love sharp able actress romantic partner, did not he lucky. He only love unfortunately operations currently has to continue with its artistic activities. Current is also about his love said.

Sharp about love was unfortunately "could, together with 10 years. I was very little wind. Our tests are completed, the rest later, after long love love nothing . The first is love. So are the results "

Greeting matter how you feel "changed the lives of the question grows Love is life comes to how to build better than I do. Closure'd like to stand. But if has happened between then and also do not like to hang out with. Actually, I ended . These are the people who understand, I understand. I would love.

Love one another, very happy. But ultimately, there is fictional happen. Just to the value at which is best. Their value is not that bad. But if not. Life must be rebuilt. In working die. Search also not easy to make. It's good if it works. Sharp because I still trying to work "

He is sharp on aid, "You can cry, because everybody I could do something. He no longer does. These are set aside for a while and then stand life without being able to stand "

Personal lose anyway encourage fans about the "art on a sharp eye and ask you to anywhere. If an old issue. Art has been a lot of advertisements, where in the past because your character when you would try to be weak, "he said.

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