The young and beautiful is a great honor since I think you guys know all the golden barrel. 8 Days interview with the media to talk about going to learn fans to tell.

The trunk opened opened speak candidly on sites "usually barrels barrels of whether it received a set, there are those who hate it. Count each year on a different barrel Till what trunks not know what. But there are a transparent government, "she said.

Sun Sun and the film had the same type are also "Wall Memorial Mathematics Language indicate that I do not understand what you say, a lot of work because I do not understand what you say, and coordinated, but do not feel very light work and happy. I went to tell.

Sun Sun to learn from "The key is that children from birth to six. I would say that others have different goals, there are a lot of very difficult. Confident, I was watching a morning makeup already Ready to begin filming. Nothing from him more and is very lightweight for me because I sometimes have a lot to learn. "She said.

barrel is called "the right words, he was born in a country, I think. I do not mean lousy good Charges Charges. He became a stand because it happens so because we know a lot of trunks Congratulations. "Few years.
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