Facebook Facebook users faces whom AI technology, the face recognition system to intuitively understand. These systems can help make it easy to life in our society, but some နေု difficulties due to the same system  Found.

Facebook users access to their information, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to action. United States from Illinois, some Facebook users Facebook Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA), was charged in 2015 due to a violation.

Il similar technical users to protect law firms in the state to obtain users' data before users must report notification from law enforcement. Facebook revealed that the company violated the law offenses, the US Federal Trade Commission decided to punish Facebook.

This face recognition technology, face detection system can be in the knowledge of the users' data. Photo via Facebook can let you know who Photo Tag files via other countries also. The unauthorized user access to data because the prosecution can Facebook users (about 7 million) are to be fined billions of dollars.

Last July, the data will be available to users in the $ 5 billion lost fined. Board highest in their history, the fines had been fined as technology companies were also recorded.
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