About vanish Mission in Afghanistan
Before the advent of Islam in Afghanistan whose main .Afghanistan's Hin Vice card cache south of mountainous areas inhabited  said.

World. The first  precious statues in Afghanistan province of Uganda. Wheeeee. The region is now called Kandahar. According to historical evidence, before the advent of Islam in Afghanistan years before the emperor (305)  nascent, the lead researcher.. Concluded.
It. The religion is based on the early lead.  7th century AD, began to fade bearings. (AD 11), ending the century vanish completely hard.. This area of ​​China. They have on the trade routes of the Silk Road known. On the host side dynasty king who  stars than under the King 0 Wah ဗုဒ္ rarely flourished in Afghanistan..

In recent time it was discovered. Lo Ja Afghanistan province (in the south of the city.)  started  42 with a hole in the fat...  the Afghan Department of ancient buildings, working hard to be discovered... Roger was found in the province. The morning, boil two ancient pagodas and in all that difficult.  increased physical  Wall paintings, Gold coins, silver coins Includes antique beads.

Our host side, the writer and the book. Warrior  from an Indian king called the future will drive a  it hard to reach a converted Catholic. Services. Myat  first two  drive problems. The two merchant brothers in their flesh..  City. The monastery was donated to the construction of a school in Afghanistan. The first set is becoming  whose monastery (Shwedagon Pagoda are similar to the historical character of the same name. To think of the world. Parenthesis).

Bamiyan caves Mountain is a rich and lofty mountain caves in the mountains  monks who are in residence in the walls of the caves with wall paintings bid selection.. Bamiyan Valley region in the walls of the caves carved  statues Bamiyan statues  historically called Precious evaluate and prevent extremely rare.

Drive one of these statues best. Buddha himself stood 420 feet in size. He rarely spent more precious statues. 11 years (2001), the Taliban rebels dynamite, was destroyed by a bomb.. Certainly. Muslims are not idolatry cats. The presence of the Taliban.  statues track. I can not bear it seems to be rare.

To stop the action, the visiting UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said, "Pakistan and the Taliban.. But also in Islam to make a vote. Action. Oh, "said the lead..
Despite prevent the UN secretary-general. 2001 (March 11) on Sunday. Monument boiling was continued for two days... Arms Dynamite. The lead of the destruction.

As such, Pakistan and about. Sri Lanka, The Japanese delegation..., To go and do it. Rarely discussed... Unsuccessfully. These are in accordance with Islamic law.. Times to remove the Taliban.. Should be the lead. UN Secretary Kofi Annan, who is still in the name of Islam "and damage. Profit vote. They work. Are made. Shoes Nobody in the world would not support. I rarely say ".

Worthy to build value in the world to read the history of Afghanistan. Heritage loss prevent . floating floating in the future. They will lie.. The nations of the world.  UN UNESCO, in cooperation drive.. With a strongly.. To avoid these tragedies will avoid twisting.. Delete the Taliban. Powerful times using weapons in March 2001.

statues destroyed clot. The fire that destroyed yen in the form of a drive  statues. (Look upon his like to see more.) Similar to large precious statues worshiped Sri Lanka set lead..
ရှေးအခါက Afghanistan in different've rarely lead worship..... Other languages ​​are rarely respected. Liverpool Area Rug policy lies with Zoroaster (Iran began. God echoed the false ideas that are constantly attacked and stripped of ideology) in the original place of birth. Now when this reaches 0 after Iran. Go fly duplicate. Out of bad means good policy Zoroastrianism. He rarely appeared.. C. (F) under the battery drive . Rug policies are rarely together peacefully..

Prophet Muhammad's death 30 years later (in 600 AD)
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