Former MP Hla Swe State  Pretty Administrator Rangoon West court yesterday charged with the applicant.

Hla Swe City Hall in Yangon on August 3 at the Army opposed sanctions ... because I said he condemned the government and Aung San Suu Kyi is charged. The case has been accepted in the West, the judge Penal Code Section 124 / appointments on August 14

 The complaint to resubmit the 202 works he had appointments on August 14, he said.

That day, in clear black and white light. It asked again, '' he said.

August 4 days before the wedding Great Park 'on Burma's senior military sanctions by the US, condemned the anti-sanctions' Swe military leaders working to government leaders.

Try 'bombed'. Cabinet Office ministers, offices Forming the government offices, Not all cold. Agreed. Do not be afraid of the US. Try bombers. This is equivalent to the government. We sense the same thing three times in a rut. Marciel's like performance (efficiency). US bombs planted Cabinet The Government, Consultant's Office bomb planted if you do not agree. See, the same, '' said Hla Swe.

In addition, the objection in the event which affect about Islam. Speeches on it Swe Powered Township Court judge checks accepted practice dropped by 202 military police from San Aung said.
Drop 202 works. Drop back. I accept to come back from the backside, '' said San Aung said.

In addition, the trial on August 21 appointments, he continued.

San pillars of complaint '' round and the US embassy, ​​the Golan was not a Buddhist. Nose-line. Duplicate sub-type among the headlines. Page. Hindu  spirits among them. Nose-line Hey. Muhammad, why do not you actually, one of the US Embassy said. Hla Swe Muhammad negotiations fail. So, you say you agree. I equivalent. The US Office of Muhammad and that I get to go outside the offices of his Prophet bomb. We, like you want. It is set at four so knows what the US embassy (Muhammad) said the words '' have gone.

This may affect the expression on the Islamic religion, One person, the law prohibits discrimination based on religion Religious faith, Fraudulent offensive term used to talk in front of people to talk if they have spread to the network video recording by writing  All Myanmar Islam religion on the religious faith to be greatly affected The complaint said.

The complaint Hla Swe could not be contacted by phone yesterday.
Hla Swe times last week in Parliament over USDP Goshen Township, a spokesman for the National Assembly.