Report an Imposter Account on Facebook

Report an Imposter Account is important for people who use Facebook person fake account appear intended, let's make a report.
Account for those who can not be stolen account is useful to digitize.


● Current user of an Fb account Gmail accessible.
    (Fb account can not be used for open gmail)

● Account owner's ID
    (Passport / Driving License / ID registration USA)

● Account / account you want to delete a fake profile link

Report an Imposter Account link creator.

- Someone has created an account pretending to be me or a friend

- No

- Yes, I am the person being impersonated

Select them.

Your full name of the primary account holder's name on the left.

Your contact email address is currently in use Gmail on a fb account on the left.

Full name on the impostor profile virtual account / Write the name of the account you want to delete.

Email address or mobile phone number I do not need to fill.

Link (URL) to the impostor profile fake account, add / delete the account you want to link.
(Account account to determine the link and entered the wall, click on the More ... 3 Click Copy link to profile)

Upload an ID | Choose Files to add to the account holder's ID.
Now enter the selected one fails.
How do here >> (Photo 1) (Photo 2).
Report an Imposter Fb team will check those images so foreigners passport / driver's license and (b).
So, in order to register.

Additional info "Please remove this account from Facebook." Because write.

Fill all of the above factors and then click Send.

Fill out (we have data, for example.)

Send 5 minutes after Fill Your contact email into Gmail Fb team will send me mail.
Re: Report an Imposter Account title.
The open letter, and why you want to delete the account a little English, Add a picture ID attactment back Reply.

Account notification does not lose a day or two days Fb team will send me mail.