Change Primary Email in Facebook

The change in the Facebook account primary email will not explain it through difficult with everything else.

First into the Facebook account settings >> Personal Information >> Email address creator.

Open a new e-mail address, then click Add to fill a Gmail address Fill Facebook password and click Add email address.

"A confirmation email has been sent to your new contact email address." A message will appear.
A little lost inside the new Gmail Facebook send confirmation code 5 will arrive.

To fill Code Pending Email Click Confirm Email Address below.
Enter confirmation code enter the code 5 Gmail and click Confirm.
If you come into the Gmail code under Confirm Click Resend confirmation email.

If you go after Confirm News feed into the Facebook account settings >> Personal Information >> Email address again.
Click the layer Primary email Add a new Gmail is checked, and click Save.

After finishing Gmail can now uninstall then click Remove next to the old hunting.

Usually primary email change has been the case here.

But recently, Facebook has been error after adding new mail primary email change gmail can not remove the old practice.
"You have entered an invalid email. Please check your email address and try again." It will be because.

So, in a way that would make Fb account settings in Gmail confirm the new creator, and so on this link

Email address is clicked, old gmail is checked, and click Delete layer.

That's all.